Saturday, July 6, 2013

Repurpose part two: New clever ideas!

For some reason, I had thought that chain letters had died in the last decade. So I was a little curious when my mom sent me what looked like the typical chain email. I was pleasantly surprised to find photos of ingenious ways to reuse ordinary things! One of my secret hobbies is to troll through websites like Apartment Therapy and Homesteading/Survivalism's Facebook page looking at just these sorts of photos. I'm sharing here only the best photos from the chain mail that were new to me.

 Here is one I'm including because it was so beautiful, but, I think, a little sacrilegious. Also, it is not very practical because how many people have a baby grand piano just lying around?

 This one was not part of the email chain, but is one that I use personally. It is a melted wine bottle that is used as a spoon rest. Actually, the one my sister gave me is even better than this one because it is divided into three sections, so there is room to lay two or three different spoons (which I find often happens in my kitchen where there might be multiple things cooking at once).